Sevenoaks Chamber Music was created in 2019 to give young musicians of varying levels the opportunity to play chamber music with other like-minded enthusiastic string players.

Playing chamber music requires high levels of listening and communication skills – performers need to be sensitive to other members of their group whilst at all times being responsible for their own part. Being placed in small and larger groups, students will learn and develop team working skills and rehearsal technique in order to achieve great results.

Sevenoaks Chamber Music students will receive daily coaching and guidance from exceptional string specialists and coaches. The tutors have a wealth of experience performing around the world in a huge range of musical contexts and will bring their enthusiasm and expertise to every session.

Students will begin to explore the vast repertoire of chamber music for strings, and in the longer summer courses will also have the opportunity to take part in workshops covering a range of other musical styles.

There will be a final concert at the end of each course as well as a number of informal performance opportunities during the longer summer courses in various forms.